Residential Roofing Services in Houston, TX

Many Houston residents are unaware that their roofing system is the most important part of their home. It protects your family from heat, cold, rain, and sun damage while also protecting your belongings inside the house. Your roof is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime so it’s important to take care of it! When considering a new residential roof for Houston homeowners there are many factors to consider. A quality Houston roofer can help you find what’s best for your budget and needs through careful consideration of all available options. At Quality Houston Roofing, we believe that roofs should be a long-term investment for your home and family.

Quality Houston Roofing is an experienced roofer with many years of experience in the industry, including over 20 years as a general contractor. We specialize in residential roofing systems from shingles to metal tiles, flat roofs, or rubber membranes. Don’t let something this important go undiscussed – call us today to schedule a no-obligation estimate for your new installation!

Do I Have To Replace My Current Roof?

Houston homeowners should not automatically replace their current residential roofing system if there is only minor damage like a few broken roofing shingles, missing tiles, or leaking seams noted in your inspection report. Repairing these issues rather than installing an entirely new roof will save you time and money! If you’re interested in learning how our roofing contractors at Quality Houston Roofing can help with repairs before moving forward with full replacement, give us a call today!

Our Residential Roofing Service Include:

Roof Repair

Having your roof left to deteriorate until an emergency arises is a recipe for disaster. This leaves you and your loved ones susceptible to harmful elements like leaks and toxic mold that can harm even the strongest individuals. Leave the residential roofs repair and replacement of roofs up to Quality Houston Roofing professionals, who can fix all issues including damage from storms, high winds, ice dams, straightening the uneven slope of the roof, missing shingles, or tiles on individual angles of a low pitched roof’s valleys.

Roof Replacement

We can also replace your roof if you are looking to sell or refinance your home. A new roof is the best way to increase curb appeal and give prospective buyers confidence that they can live in your home without expensive surprises down the road. Quality Houston Roofing can handle all of your roof installation needs, including electrical work or skylights to make sure it’s done right the first time!

Roof Maintenance And Inspection Plans

You wouldn’t drive a car until something broke down. The same goes for your home’s exterior. Our team at Quality Houston Roofing recommends having an inspection completed every two years and scheduling preventative maintenance each spring before the beginning of hurricane season. This way you can find hidden damage that is often missed by infrequent inspections if left alone too long after repairs are required costing homeowners more money in costly emergency repairs during bad weather windows like hurricanes, tropical storms, or torrential rainfalls associated with thunderstorms. We offer Home Owner Associations (HOA) compliant inspections at affordable rates.

Roof Installation

Our team at Quality Houston Roofing is committed to providing our customers with the best in residential roof installation services. We use high-quality materials and experienced team members capable of completing your job correctly, on time, and within budget. A professional install will ensure that you get the most out of your investment for years to come!

Roofing Shingles Repair

Most homeowners don’t realize that it is possible to repair damaged asphalt shingles instead of replacing the entire roof. If your home has more than one layer of shingles, you will need to replace them all in order for the repairs to be effective and aesthetically pleasing. Our team at Quality Houston Roofing can help determine if repairing your current system or installing a new one would best suit your needs, and we have the experience and training to repair your roof.

What Are The Different Roofing Systems?

Asphalt Shingles – Asphalt shingles are the most common residential roofing material and extremely affordable roof options that can last up to 20 years before requiring replacement depending on factors such as climate and weather conditions. This asphalt shingle roof typically come in three different styles: architectural (or laminated), dimensional or three-tab. Architectural roofs mimic the look of real wood shakes but cost less due to their ability to mass-produce them using an in-house manufacturing process. Dimensional asphalt shingles are thicker and offer a more traditional appearance, while three-tab asphalt shingles have an even flatter profile which can be at home in many different style homes today.

Wood Shakes – Wood shakes come from real wood or other materials that mimic the look of natural wood making them great for historic or Spanish-style homes throughout Houston. They require a bit more maintenance than asphalt roofs with potential weather damage leading to rotting and staining over time as well as higher installation costs due to their intricacy but they do last longer between replacements if properly maintained

Tile Roofs – Ceramic roof tiles options can vary widely depending on your taste, starting price points, and material choices such as clay vs concrete tiles among others. Quality tiles roofs are extremely durable but may require more maintenance than other types of roofs due to their intricate installation process and need for routine cleaning.

Metal Roofs – Metal shingles roofing is generally durable and a great choice for Houston homeowners who want an aesthetically pleasing roof option that can last up to four times longer between replacements when compared with asphalt shingle roofs while costing less in terms of upfront costs. Metal roofing also come in a range of styles including Spanish-style metal roofing tiles, standing seam profiles, and even copper which have a natural appearance and all look fantastic on historic homes throughout the city!

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A New Roof?

Aside from protecting your home, there are many financial benefits associated with getting a new roof installed by our roofing contractor at Quality Houston Roofing! In addition to increasing your home’s curb appeal and property value, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

• Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency – Heating or cooling costs are one of the most significant expenses many homeowners face every year. However with a new roof installed by our team at Quality Houston Roofing not only will you make this process more efficient but it could also save you energy costs up to $300 per month!

• Protection Against Water Damage – A leaking roof is an easy way for water damage to occur over time which can lead to costly repairs down the line as well as potential structural issues if mold growth goes unnoticed until it’s too late. Replacing a faulty roof immediately after installation means no leaks ever again and it can also withstand harsh weather conditions!

Why The Right Roofing Contractor Matters?

Roofers come in many options when it comes to experience levels, insurance coverage, and even their reputation within the community. Many people don’t realize that a higher number of complaints or unresolved claims filed against a contractor can affect their ability to secure coverage and increase your premium if you choose them for repairs.

This is why we at Quality Houston Roofing put such an emphasis on our reputation, installing roofs with high-quality materials and hiring highly trained team members to get the job done right the first time! Our professionals will work closely with you throughout every step of your roof installation process, from estimating costs to scheduling inspections to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied before they leave our care.

Why Choose Us?

At Quality Houston Roofing we pride ourselves on quality service and customer satisfaction. Our mission statement includes a commitment to building long-term relationships with our clients by upholding fair pricing backed up by solid workmanship. This means no hidden costs or extra fees after we’ve begun working!

We also pledge to always be upfront and honest about our costs so you know what to expect every step of the way. We offer exceptional service at competitive rates, all backed by a full “Peace-of-Mind” warranty that includes free inspections for as long as you own your home!